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Peace! To  RETIRED REV. WALTER JONES                           20th April 2013

Let me begin with..I'm sorry how I treated your daughter in Norfolk VA. I was young but you never gave me a chance anyway. Not even after I saved your other daughters from being pimped. How quickly we forget! I often pondered why Allah, ( Father God only), would have allowed you such a long life? Now I see...to right your wrongs and sins against my family. You, thinking you had the authority to give another man's family away. Not even your book can stand with you on that one. How you must have felt when you realised you'd given your daughter and my children to a pimp, a child molester and sex slave operator. Yes, my phone calls were mean and straight to the punch but they saved my children from further abuse. Yes I would have been scared of me too at that time period but you need to fear Allah, (God the Father only), more. So it's time to do the right thing by the man that saved his family, from a prison cell, from further abuse ie. your daughter Waltzenia and our children. Come forward with your truth and tell Waltzenia to also come forward with hers, to my Attorneys, so we can all receive justice. We all have to make amends...now it's your turn! Let's both leave this world with respect for one another. Your story and Waltzenia's can help a lot of people in this world. May Allah move you to do the right thing.....  Please understand, the blackmail, intimidation and extortion must stop now. My children must have a life free from this evil and I aim to end it here. So, don't think it's all about me, it's more about them. Do the right thing for them and I'll respect you from here on, without any doubts. Don't let this evil live another generation....God the Father don't like ugly! You don't have to worry about York Pa. anymore.

Keep faith in Allah (Father God only), and you will be safe. '' The truth will set you free.....''

Your ex-son in law



Peace! Dear Ex-Wife,                                                                       18th April 2013

It's time to tell our children the whole story of how I saved you and them out of that pimp's house prison.How quickly we forget! Tell them how I had to call and do things from a prison cell, to save my family. Tell them how they were mistreated as babies, by the pimp, and what my Mother, Priscilla Gibbs-Ritter and her Husband, Bill Ritter, had to do with things. Tell them, tell them the whole truth. It's time to make a choice. Forever the 'Warren Ritter, the pimp's play toy', or a strong new woman married to a preacherman, not willing to allow her children's Father to die in vain? Justice must be done.....it's in your hands. Don't let the devil win forever............

Luqman Bilal Abdullah Muhammad

  CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA (2)              16th April 2013

Peace!  Rev. Walter Jones (Retired)

You have been blackmailed and intimidated enough don't you think? Your blackmail money has me on Death row! Now do the right thing and make things right. My Muslim Brothers and Sisters will protect you and family from any harm. I'm trying the President thing as requested! It's your turn to amend for your sins, short comings and / or cowardly acts. Man-up so your grand children's Father can come home to them. Amin.....man to man............

Luqman Bilal Abdullah Muhammad

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA  (1)                14th April 2013


Dear Ex-wife, I have done all I can to protect you from the pimp rapist and the evil done to our two children. The 'Statute of Limitations', is tolled by the extortion, blackmail and intimidation. You and family can now come forward, when you feel safe. I pray the President of U.S. can help you in this way. You have 'victim's rights', so my Attorneys and the President can help you with this. My Muslim Brothers and Sisters will protect you and family, if all else fails. May God find you safe and sound. It's your time to have Justice, it's your time to end this! I'm sorry I could not have protected you back then, but as you know I was doing time. Yes, in our history I have done you wrong, so by doing that and the rape and pimping thing, if nothing is done, I will give you my blood so all debts are paid in full. I will stay on hungerstrike until you feel safe. May Allah move you to do the right thing, A-min.....Always remember, it was not your fault. No one deserves to be treated like that, you or your children! Be strong Mrs. first Lady of the church. God/Allah is with you.....

My Islamic Wife can help you with this pain, she feels your pain,she is your sister in pain...now take this time and grow.....

Luqman Bilal Abdullah Muhammad

 The Ritter's molestation of York PA.                                         11th April 2013

Peace! To my Muslim brothers and sisters..

I have knowledge, information and / or belief that the Ritter Family in York PA., my Mother Priscilla Gibbs- Ritter, Bill Ritter and Warren Ritter, molested at least 3 of my 4 loving children when they were small.Warren Ritter also raped my Ex-Wife, with a friend, with Bill Ritter and Priscilla Gibbs-Ritter's help. Then they kept my family hostage in Warren Ritter, the pimps, house.Where is the JUSTICE in my life, as I sit on Death Row for a murder I DIDNOT commit, when my own Mother, Priscilla Gibbs-Ritter,could come forward, talk to my Attorneys and stop this INJUSTICE! May Allah hear our prayers, brothers and sisters of the Faith and move the President of the United States to aid us in our fight for Justice! We should pray, also, for the people of York PA to step forward and right these wrongs now!  I will continue my Hunger-Strike until Obama does something ,and the pimp, Warren Ritter, is brought to Justice or served my blood for the violations against my children and Ex-wife. No more blackmail,no more intimidation or extortion plots by the Ritter family and their corrupt Police force aand Federal friends etc......

May ALLAH hear our prayers...Amin.

DRUGGED UP!        2nd April 2013

Warren Ritter and his crew loved to drug his enemies and young girls and take pictures of them in crazy sex acts, most not knowing what was happening, or aware of what they were doing. The Cops and Federal Agents were in his pocket,even backing him up on some of his illegal activities. Yes, I was a victim of these acts but i will never stop fighting evil. The World should know the truth and all should be cautioned. His home is a hostage chamber...once in you may never get out! Why does York PA. allow such people to live among them? FEAR! They know what happened to me and others and his Police connections. What is a small town to do? All should stand together and demand JUSTICE for all the corruption he caused in York PA. history. Why should this monster live in peace while so many lives have been destroyed? May we all win together as one. 

MARCH 2013


I gave my Mother,Priscilla Gibbs-Ritter, a million chances to stop her and her married family's evil, but their hate for me goes deep.

My mother and Step-Father, Bill Ritter, tried to kill me, or have me killed, several times.Once they tried to have me set-up on my job, by Warren Ritter. Another they tried to drug me at their home and kill me. But being a child from abuse, I forgave my Mother every time.She begged for my forgiveness. Dumb to forgive and move past their evil. I see my Mother and Step-Family always hated me, my Mother for looking and at times acting like my Father and my Step-Father only wanting my Mother and not me in their life...a child with special needs.

Why was I so dumb to keep falling into my Mother's trap? I loved her even though I got no love. It's okay, God knows I only sought peace and love. They sought hate, harm and death for me.

My own Step-Family, Warren Ritter , drugged me when i came to bring him vital info. to keep him from going to prison.I was drugged and photos taken of me while drugged.I had to try to rip Warren's ball sack off for his crimes against me. I only escaped with my life by crashing out of the front window of his house. He was known for drugging young girls , in his home town of York, PA. and having his way with them, in those times and earlier. A man into pimping women and sticking needles in any of his enemies with an overdose.

Always more hate from my Step-Family, even though I sought peace after Racko and Warren killed my friend. Family calling my ex-wife , with evil motives, trying to get her to call the Police on me so their connection in Harrisburg Police Department could do me in.....why?

It all started with my Mother and Step-Father to end with Warren and Racko. I feel good telling it all now, but only God can judge. Now I can die in peace!





This Blog is for the World. To my mother, Priscilla Gibbs Ritter, her Husband Bill Ritter, Family and York PA.

From Herbert J.Blakeney, Death row Prisoner.

 Mother i forgive you for not being there for me as a mother should have, eg. good times, bad times, premature infant issues and attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. I forgive you for not dealing with these issues in a  responsible way and seeking the help i needed. I'm sorry i was born so early. However, maybe it was/ is your mental illness that is to blame for others manipulating a sick woman? God only knows why???

Mother i forgive you for allowing your Husband to abuse me while you were at work and for NOT standing up even when you knew it was going on and he'd admitted his failing in some cases.I forgive you for not wanting to get up in the mornings to feed me and my first summer in York when Bill had to take me to work with him at Caterpiller, me covered in the back seat of the car, told to stay out of sight and keep quiet, and wait for you to get up. That only lasted a couple of days....i started getting out of the car and was seen. Being left on the side of the road as punishment,  then you'd come back for me. Yes, i remember all this, YOU and BILL but i forgive.

Mother i forgive you for taking me out of Mental Health Counselling so i would not tell them about my abuses, you telling me , ' These are family secrets', and they would destroy your marriage and lifestyle. Why would a mother do this?

Mother i forgive you for not wanting me to know my father and resenting your son for seeking him out.

Mother i forgive you for not supporting me as a 'Place Kicker' and not buying the straight on kicker style spikes i needed.I looked all over York asking for help only for YOU to silence my dreams by pulling me out of bed one morning to intentionally injure my right leg so i couldn't play that Freshman year for York High Football Team. How could you do that to your son? Then you begged me not to press charges and when i agreed, later, you said,'I'm glad i did this to you',but i forgave my mother.

In truth my rebellion in York and Harrisburg, as a teenager, was because of your evil towards me and those 'Family Secrets' but i believe YOUR father always knew this. I WILL NOT carry any more family secrets! 

Mother i forgive you for the games you played by pleading with me not to move out West and be paroled out there but to come back to York PA. and give us another chance as mother and son. What a game! I paroled to York PA., you got me a room at the local YMCA with promises of ALL the support in the World, from you, only to be let down weeks after release...on my own without your support. I complained to you but your only reply was to send the streets at me, your Brother-in-Law, Warren Ritter. So i became street wise to survive, a thing i'd learnt up-state in prison.Then out of the blue, after no help from you, i was invited to your home for a dinner and such, to play with my baby sister, Angela Ritter. Her arms were sore to the touch and i asked her what was wrong. When her sleeves were pushed up her arms were swollen and she said to me,'They are beating me'. I went crazy and left the house. I reported the incident to an old school friend, who was a County Parole Agent, then all hell let loose. Step-uncle Warren was on the war path! It calmed down once you and the family realised things would not be easy.So you and the family decided to give me a car for $500, to bring peace to the family and myself. Yes, it was worth about $3,000 and you didn't need the money, however, the street told me it went to my step-uncle to put me in my place; or was it to kill me???  Now i wonder......  Knowing our history and your mental illness anything is possible when it comes to how far you might go or be manipulated to believe...

The sad part is,  Gregory, gave me instructions to protect you and Sheri, way back when you sent me to talk with him about Bill's abuse, before he died. The only real man who ever helped me when the World was evil towards me and i forgive your family for trying to turn me and him from each other...my only real, male support.I believe this was the second time i was given instructions to protect you due to your mental illnesses.How quickly we forget, stay armed and protect at all costs....even after all your abuse towards me.

Mother, i forgive you for your actions at your Mother-in-Laws funeral, trying to set me up with my step-uncle Warren and Racko.

Mother you may wonder why your son is so loyal to Treave Jackson??? To put my own life in jeopardy for this man? These questions are simple to answer. I had no true live at home so others took me under their wings, good guys, when i was a young man in York PA. being abused by your Husband, then by your hands. Guys like Hoarse, white boy Marlin and of course Treave Jackson. Treave tried to help me get on the football team and tried to help me find spikes to wear to kick in. He knew about the abuse because i'd told him. We did not hang out 'like that' but he was a true friend when called, all the way until a late night meeting, by accident, at the YMCA in York PA.. We ran into each other in the lobby. He was still having an affair with Helen, Racko's Wife.I spoke against it for the second time. Helen realised we were close but didn't know me and Treave were so cool. She said to Treave, ' That's who i was talking about'. Treave said,' Tell him !'. Helen told  me my step-uncle Warren and Racko were going to set me up by putting drugs in my YMCA room. So i went into hiding, but i forgive you and the family......all this over the abuse of my sister! The car was a cover. How quickly we forget and how the streets talk.....  The sad part is, i would do it all again because it's my baby sister. I sought to protect her as i'm instructed to do so at all costs. How quickly we forget...I forgive you all.

I forgive my step-uncle Warren Ritter and Racko for killing Treave Jackson with a FAKE drug overdose, then moving the body to a new location along with their henchmen in support.

I forgive my step-uncle Warren Ritter for his continued attempts to kill me...the same to you Racko.

I forgive my step-uncle Warren Ritter and Racko for what happened to my stepson. May God be the Judge of your actions!

I forgive York PA. for not standing by me when young and old.

I have forgiven, now i can go in peace! Can you all??? 

I hope you had a happy holiday.

Blog ends.

  APRIL 2012



Peace to all.

I'm Herbert J.Blakeney (aka) Luqman Bilal a witness to a murder in York Pa., then after some time and conflict with them moved to Harrisburg Pa. because they sought to kill and frame me up. In the end they killed my step-son via a 'dirty'cop  and conspiracy to hide true facts with other corrupt Harrisburg Police Officers . My Capital case trial did not go much better with paid off officials. I never had a chance...but Please note: It's my 'dream vision' to bring my childhood friend and family True Justice. All involved with this life saga only wanted what was Just and Fair...A York thing...only talking does not make any of us wrong....

A statement to Treave Jackson's Mother.

Your son helped me when I was being abused by my step-father Bill Ritter and I will never forget that and nor should I ever forget him. Treave Jackson R.I.P...



Treave did not die of a regular drug overdose, it was a pure murder plain and simple. The perpetrators are Treave's cousin, (who set him up), Rako. (who is my step-cousin), Warren Ritter ,( my step-uncle) and Treave's next door neighbor . The second and third individuals have been trying to kill me (ie. Rako and Warren Ritter) ever since, all the way to Harrisburg Pa. with the help of my Mother, Priscilla Ritter and step-father, Bill Ritter along with the 'dirty' cops who killed my step-son...


This is my 'dream vision'. Step to your nephew with the York DA. Tell him ' if you don't tell the whole truth I will have Herbie Blakeney testify against you and I will throw the book at you but if you tell the whole truth I'll give you a sweet deal.' Ms Jackson no one has more power than you. I'm on your side only.Then step to Warren Ritter. Offer him a deal but tell him you want everything from York to Harrisburg or the book will be thrown. Go to Rako last. Tell him 'I'll let you live and maybe a chance to be free but first I want the whole truth and Bill and Priscilla Ritters activities'.


These people tried to kill me for trying to carry your son to safety and killed my step-son in Harrisburg Pa. . I will testify whenever, where ever you need, just first contact my Attorneys, Helen Marino federal defender in Phila. OR Anne Saunders federal defender in Harrisburg.They already know my version of facts..

Good luck Ms. Jackson and may God bless your actions now go and handle your business, however, know that others will testify also, Robert Johnson Coleman and Pork among others who were framed by Rako's paid dirty cops on his pay roll in York and Harrisburg. Now have it your way Ms. Jackson.... If you don't believe me ask your daughter how the ' deal game works'. She works in the York court house, she sees it all the time....







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